When I first met Erin at my company Christmas party in December of 2010 (her husband and I work together) I never thought she would take me on this incredible Love4Gambia journey with her.

I agreed to become a part of her team (communications role) after learning more about what was going on with the Nova Scotia-Gambia Association and why Erin was embarking on this incredible run.

Well now that the run has been completed, all 424km with over $34,000 (in counting) raised, I wanted to take a moment to recap how the media has embraced Erin and her cause.

  • Five newspaper articles including two front page features.
  • One national running magazine article (Canadian Running).
  • Numerous radio appearances in Canada and The Gambia.
  • Six television appearances; BT, Global Sports and on the news in The Gambia.
  • More blog mentions and features than we can count.

But most importantly everyone who caught Erin’s enthusiasm and shared her story with someone else, that is how change happens!

Keep a look out – more big things will be coming from the Love4Gambia camp in the future.

:) Lauren

Run days four to seven <3

For complete photo set click HERE


A few months back I had the opportunity to connect with a Kash and his friend Andrew. Kash had recently started a movement called #besomebody,  It’s about taking a moment everyday to make sure you’re living your life the way you want too. Taking time to help someone else and sharing the stories of people who inspire you.

I took a moment to write a little bit about Erin, her run and how she not only inspires me but everyone around her.

You can check it out here #besomebody

- Lauren

Spreading the word

This morning Erin had the opportunity to speak with Heidi on Breakfast Television, CTV Atlantic. I have never seen a person handle their first on television interview so well, I feel like a proud parent! Ahaha
Check out the interview and support Erin on her road to spreading the word and changing lives.


Erin Poirier and Heidi Petracek on Breakfast Television

CTV Breakfast Television Set