Welcome 2011!

This is going to be an amazing year! I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions, I prefer running goals instead. But if I were to make a New Year’s Resolution, it would be to avoid getting hit by cars while running.

Bruised/sprained elbow

I got hit by a car while running @ 7am on Dec 23… I’m fine and I’m thankful, it was pretty minor. I was running along Oxford Street, where I run at least weekly. I stepped into the Almon Street intersection where I had a green light and the crosswalk sign. A man turned left without looking at the crosswalk, right into me. I hit the backseat door, kinda went up over the roof, slid down the hood and landed on my feet. I’m like a cat. I walked away with bruises, a right elbow sprain (thanks for the great care, Candice) and sore in neck and shoulders.

I’ve been running on roads since I was 17 years old. I can’t believe a car actually hit me. I’m thankful it wasn’t worse. And would like to thank everyone who sent me kind messages.

I took 2 days off (had a very Merry Christmas!) and drove to the BLT trail where cars couldn’t get me on the 26th. Since most of the impact was on my upper body, I thought I’d be smooth of stride but underestimated the effect this had on the rest of me. I felt like I was recovering from a 10k race. It also jarred a healing SI joint issue- I’ll have to be most careful about this. This took the steam outta 2 training weeks.

Training log- weekly mileage.

week 5: 65 km
week 6: 44km * hit by car
week 7: 61 km *recovering from being hit by car

Taking care of SI joint

11 days later, I’m fully recovered and running well. So it seems time to find some humour in this. My girl Shannon pointed out that I survived 3 years of Boston drivers, only to find a “mass-hole” in Halifax. My loyal training partner McKim is calling me Jackie Chan as in “Jackie-Chan-ing” over the hood of a car. I got a new Garmin for Christmas (thanks Gemma & gang!) and was describing it’s fancy features when my sis Laura asked if it came with an oncoming traffic sensor. 🙂

Moving on. 15 weeks to Boston Marathon! I’m looking forward to rejoining Cliff and gang on Tuesday after a holiday & recovery break.

Run, walk and drive safely in 2011! Wishing for a 2011 PB for all you runners.

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