I’m going even if I have to quit my job!

Ashley here: The news is in! I do NOT have to quit my job! I have officially been granted an unpaid leave of abscence for the month of July to be Erin’s medical staff for Love4Gambia. When Erin asked me to come along as her medical staff, I immediately said yes. I said I was was going even if I had to quit my job, which was a real possibiliy. During our first meeting about Love4Gambia, Erin and I decided that was our number one rule: We’re doing this even if we have to quit our jobs!

Gambia-bound '07. Ready for July '11!

Being a nurse, you just deal with the fact that most likely you will not get summer vacation until you have been working for a very long time (and even then, don’t count on getting a month off in the summer). Vacation was out of the question… but a leave of absence? Also very challenging for an employer to cover your shifts. So luckily when I met with my manager, told her about Love4Gambia and why I needed the time off, she immediately said “yes”. Just like that! (I had anticipated a bit of a fight, or at least the need to threaten quitting).  Its obvious that she too realizes how important this is (to all those kids it will help as well as me) and I am so very grateful for that =)

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