Unveiling Awesome! My homage to Huevos Running

I don’t actually “know” Huevos Running, our relationship is confined to the interwebs, but they make me laugh everyday.  Here are a few of my a few of my favorite @huevosrunning tweet gems:

  • So Meb’s not running Boston? This is finally our year!!!
  • Happy Monday. Well deserved recovery day after PR yesterday. Race record? No. Amount of food consumed during Super Bowl Sunday
  • Tips for enjoying your first triathlon – #2: Make motorcycle noises as you pass people on your bike.
  • Point Break, the movie, is trending worldwide. How awesome is that. Going to scream “I AM AN FBI AGENT!” randomly at people.
  • This is the year that we’ll finally beat the ambulance.
  • Unless you’re doing speed work, then you feel like you’re gonna die RT @RunJolt: “Life is short… running makes it seem longer.”
  • @runnersworld Are you by any chance hiring for a Chief Carbo-loading Officer? Plenty of experience. References available upon request.

One day, I had a stroke of twitter-induced brilliance and asked them if they ever did volunteer work?  And if they would consider designing a logo for our Love4Gambia Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon Charity Team?  They said that they didn’t usually do this, but would take a crack at it for me.  Their product blew me away:

Huevos Running’s moto is “Our running shirts won’t make you fast. They’ll just make you awesome.”  Huge thanks folks to the talented and generous folks at Huevos for making us awesome.

If you want to be awesome too, join our Love4Gambia Bluenose Marathon Charity Team and you’ll get your very own awesome AND free race t-shirt.  Click on Bluenose Team for easy instructions.

Important “Huevos Aside”
Husband and I spent our honeymoon in Chile and Argentina in November and learned that Chileans are in love with eggs!  And egg surprises.  We would order steak, it would come with 2 eggs, sunnyside up, on top.  Order chicken, 2 eggs on top.  Husband orders beef soup, is enjoying generous chunks of steak, and scoops up a fried egg.  I ordered Sheppard’s Pie, a culturally universal stack of meat, potatoes and corn, and sure enough, you got it, there’s an egg hiding amidst the meat.  One day, we were at a Chilean dude’s home, enjoying pisco sours, Chile’s national lime and brandy drink (think very strong margarita).  Chilean guy hands me a glass and it’s frothy.  I ask him why?  “Oh, I put an egg in it.”  Of course…

Surprise eggs on steak

A sneaky egg in soup? Yes!

Crafty egg hiding in Sheppard's Pie

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  1. Janna MacKay says:

    Erin, I love all the blogging! Your campaign will definitely have many many people supporting you in Gambia & abroad! Glad to be a part of this 🙂

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