Asics Sponsorship & Eating Pink Words

My “campaign CEO” Luke MacDonald came up with another Love4Gambia campaign win for me this week.  He pitched my campaign to run across The Gambia to Asics and together they are sponsoring my footwear.  This sponsorship begins now, in my Boston Marathon buildup, which is totally sweet!  Luke For The Win!

I met Luke at Aerobics First today.  I’d shared with him that I needed a new pair of lightweight racers asap.  My racers usually last me 400-500km and my last pair’s life expired 2 weeks ago.  I’m lucky to be a light runner and am pretty biomechanically efficient so I can take advantage of lightweight performance trainers for speed training and racing.  My left foot does pronate (rolls inward) a little bit so I need to use Arch Molds (click here for more info) in my racers to maintain biomechanical efficiency.

Some of you may know my pink-running-thing.  Thing being don’t wear pink.  I can’t really explain where this came from, it’s just always been my thing.

So I meet Luke at the store and he’s really excited to show me the performance trainers that he’s ordered from Asics for me.  “There gonna be really fast!” he announces.

“Are you ready?” he asks.  And he opens the box:

Asics Speed Stars

“Oh. My. Gawd.” I say.  I look at him with a mix of disbelief and laughter in my eyes.  “Those sure are pink!”

“Asics Gel Speed Star! Couldn’t find a more perfect shoe for a sponsor to put you in” he says happily, very satisfied with himself.

Gotta agree with him here.  Probably these racers will start a few conversations.

The Speed Stars fit like a dream.  They feel like light and bouncy cocoons on my feet.  They sit close to the ground which I like for speed and response but, at the same time, I can feel the gel cushioning that I so love Asics for.  They also have asymmetrical lacing- a feature I also like a lot for smooth fit.  And “Speed Stars”- totally cool name.

Luke, Erin and PINK

I can’t wait to try these out tonight.  My workout is long marathon-pace intervals, a perfect beginning for Speed Stars.  I have the PEI Road Runner’s Freeze Your Gizzard Half Marathon next weekend so I’ll look forward to sharing a review of my Speed Stars’ racing debut with you on my blog.

Now here is what I think (while I eat every single anti-pink word ever spoken). Pink is the new fast.  Just call me Pink Panther.

Asics Speed Stars

Asics Speed-Stars made Runners World’s 2010 honour roll, see the review here

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5 Responses to Asics Sponsorship & Eating Pink Words

  1. melissa allen says:

    I love them, and you’re right…they will deff stand out!

  2. Dawn Hughes says:

    I will watch you fly around those corners at Freeze Your Gizzard in your HOT PINK racers……..Now match them with a hot pink outfit you are all set……….. Love it.

  3. Laura says:

    Too funny! I think your worry about pink running gear is that you want to be taken seriously as a runner, but one look at your training regimen and your racing results proves it. You can still kick butt in hot pink sneakers! And I agree with Dawn, a nice pink outfit will make it perfect.

  4. Erin Poirier says:

    Thanks lovely ladies! I think I’ll pass on the head to toe pink outfit though, I feel it will give other racers incentive to run faster as they try to erase me from their field of vision…

  5. Ella ralph says:

    Seriously want them they r so nice well jel :)))))) is there any way I could get some??? Xxx

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