“These are my people”

Here we are in London in transit to The Gambia. We successfully packed every last pair of shoes, can of Gatorade, and all of our IV fluids (Erin can pack A LOT of things in a back pack by the way).

Last night at the airport my lovely friends Ali and Jeff dropped me off at the airport to meet up with Erin and Greg. We all said our sentimental goodbyes.  Then Greg turned and said to me in a very serious voice, “Ashley, Don’t f**** this up.” Now, this makes me realize that not only is Erin counting on me to bring her home alive and well, but all of the people in her life who care about her are counting on me too.

Thankfully, I have the right tools to ensure Erin’s health is taken care of.  I really need to thank David Kachan for his crash course in physiotherapy so I can piece Erin together if need be. I know know where to find a runner’s IT band. And now that if the runner isn’t squirming painfully during an achilles tendon massage, I’m not pushing hard enough. Oh, and elbows make useful massage tools.

A gargantuan thanks needs  to go out to The QEII Emergency Department in Halifax. Thanks you to my manager Sue Harris for giving me the time off to accompany Erin (and I didn’t even have to threaten to quit!).

Dr. Sam Campbell from the QEII has been a huge support for me from ensuring I have medical supplies (donated by the QEII Emergency Dept)  to finding me an infectious disease specialist to consult with (Thank you Dr. Schelch!) to being my personal medical support that I can phone day or night if I need help with Erin’s care. Dr. Campbell has also been great moral support and he tells me every day about how great this campaign is and that I will do a great job while I’m there.

So thanks to all of my medical supports, my friend, family and all of those who have generously donated their time and money (and lets keep the funds coming!)

We’re about to make you all very proud. Stay tuned  for more blogs from the road!

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7 Responses to “These are my people”

  1. Gemma Callaghan says:

    Have fun and KEEP SAFE!!!!! You will read this message many times over the next 17 /20 days.

  2. CathyC says:

    We are ALREADY proud of you both!!! Can’t wait to see you at the finish line! xoxo Cathy

  3. Dawn Hughes says:

    Ashley, thank you for taking this time to look after Erin. We her family are grateful to you. You both have tremendous heart and courage. Keep healthy and safe.

  4. Katherine says:

    I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you guys, wishing more than anything that I was with you. Stay safe and have so much fun! I have no doubt in my mind Erin that you will kick butt, you always do!!

  5. Megan Aston says:

    I know you will take good care of each other! Can you feel all the love and energy blowing your way across the ocean from Nova Scotia? Thanks for keeping us connected to you through these postings.

  6. Cheryl Sharpe says:

    Good Luck and Stay SAFE Girls!! Hope you and Erin have a good time, Ash. I miss you already and I will be checking here often to know, all is well.

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