Rest Day Two and Run Day Eight

New photos up on the Facebook page! Check em out HERE

Keep checking back more will be up over the next few days!

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  1. jypsy says:

    I had a dream about you just before waking this morning. I was at a Tim Hortons out on St. Peters Rd (where there isn’t one) trying to buy you an Ice Cap. They were out of cups. You were at a race (as was Alex) out St. Peters highway in Mount Stewart or somewhere. I went on to another Tims… I was in line behind a woman who ordered an Ice Cap. The lady working at Tims said :”it will take everything I have to make you that Ice Cap”. I said “You mean you only have enough for one?!” She confirmed that. At that point I went into this great long story about how I was buying it for you and how you had just finished running across the Gambia in Africa in ridiculous heat and needed and deserved that one last Ice Cap! I woke up before I got it for you but I hope your dreams were visited by a tall cold drink, Tims Ice Cap or otherwise!
    And, if it is in fact something you like (not my thing but my daughter likes them) I’ll buy you one next time I see you! Be healthy & safe until then… jypsy

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