Love4Gambia 2012 – The Sequel

On an early November morning, I was having breakfast and browsing Facebook – a part of my typical morning routine before heading to work at my Ottawa government office.   Little did I know that this was not to be a typical morning.

After only two sips from my latté, a message from Luke McDonald of A1 Aerobics First, my favourite running store in Halifax, popped up on my screen.

Luke:                     Wanna go on a running adventure of a life time?

Andrea:                Absolutely!  When and where?

Luke:                     Across The Gambia.

This summer… In the heat of July.

FB Messenger: Luke is typing… (a bit slowly for Andrea’s liking, as she is now fully awake in spite of the relatively low caffeine level.)

Luke:                     For the Nova Scotia Gambia Association.  You should see the stuff we have going on….

Andrea:                Is there a web site I can check out for more info?

And so it began:  Love 4 Gambia 2012 – The Sequel was born!

After browsing this blog, I contacted Erin Poirier, the strong and fearless woman who ran the 424 kilometers from The Gambia’s Eastern border to the Atlantic Ocean on its West coast this summer, to see if she could answer a few questions for me.   By all accounts, this was indeed going to be a running adventure of a life time!  And better yet, it would allow me to give back to the beautiful and spirited people of Africa I had met during my travels.  I was in!

Suzanne Ferrier, triathlete extraordinaire of Halifax, is suspected of having had something to do with putting me on Luke’s radar as a potential recruit for the Love4 Gambia project.  During a visit to Ottawa this summer, we had dinner together and chatted about my recent trips through Southern Africa as well as about ultra running.  Thanks, Luke and Suzanne, for getting me involved!

I will officially launch Love4Gambia 2012 in the coming days.  I am excited about the project and a little nervous as well, since Erin set the bar high by raising an amazing $35,000 to help keep kids alive in The Gambia.  I hope I’ll be able to match her contribution to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and malaria in this West African nation.

To learn more about the Nova Scotia Gambia Association and its programs, the Love4Gambia project, as well as about my background, check out the About tab at the top of the page.  And then don’t forget to move your mouse over to the right to click on the Donate Now button!

Thanks for reading and for your support for Love4Gambia!

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