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Team Love4Gambia continues its countdown to the Blue Nose Marathon countdown: almost 7 weeks!  We are also continuing our profiling of the road warriors who are lacing up their sneakers to help kids and communities in The Gambia.

We want to show you what makes these generous people tick, what makes them tie their laces and head out the door, what makes them show up for us.

Today, you get 3 team Love4Gambia walkers for the price of one! Colette Strome (mama) and Colby & Janelle Strome, age 4 years (aka my sister-in-law and niece and nephew!).

EP: When and how did you become affiliated with the NSGA?  

Strome family walks for NSGA at the 2011 Blue Nose MarathonCS: I grew up with both my parents being involved in the NSGA and making several trips over to Gambia.  Later on, my brother was involved in a peer education trip.  It is ironic that he ended up marrying a girl who would run across that country!  I became a volunteer with the NSGA while I was in university and have continued to be involved through things like Team Love4Gambia.  Janelle and Colby have joined our family tradition.

EP: Why is walking for The Gambia important to you? 

CS: I have never had the incredible experience of going to The Gambia, like the rest of my family, but as a teacher, I hope to go one day. Until then I want to help out this country that I have heard so much about since being little.   Since involvement in The Gambia was part of my childhood experiences I want that to be the same for Janelle and Colby…so they are joining me on the walk for the second year. 

EP: Team Strome walked the 5km event for Team Love4Gambia last year- can you share a highlight of your race? 

A mom and son walk for Team Love4Gambia in the Blue Nose MarathonCS: Coming up to the finish line and seeing Erin and other Love4Gambia supporters cheering us on as we crossed the finish line as a family. It was quite emotional.

EP: How important is having an active family to you?  

CS: Well, anyone with twins knows that there isn’t much downtime!  So whether it is swinging outside, playing soccer, or going for hikes, we try to get out as much as we can.

EP: Have you being training for this year’s event? What’s been the easiest part of your training? 

CS: No training here yet, but we are hoping that the twins walk more of the event this year…so I guess we better start. 

EP: How do you keep motivated? 

CS: Hearing little people ask to go for a walk or hike is an excellent motivator!

EP: What will Team Strome eat for breakfast on race-day breakfast? 

CS: Well, waffles with syrup on top has been the twins’ regular breakfast for over 3 months now so I imagine that is probably what will be on their plates.  For me, either oatmeal/milk, or homemade egg sandwich.

EP: What are you most looking forward to on race day?  
CS: Spending time with my family, while knowing in my heart, that we are doing something good for people so many miles away.

EP: What advice would you give to other new walkers to assist them in their training for the Blue Nose Marathon? 

CS: Just do it…don’t make excuses…even if it is a 10 minute walk at lunch, get it in.

EP: Colette, Colby and Janelle, we wish you a super family day together!

Love4Gambia nation, you heard it here, from the mom of a busy 4 year old twins, JUST DO IT!  Get out there and make a difference for kids and communities in The Gambia just like Colette, Colby and Janelle are.  They can do it. You can do it. So just do it.

To wish Colette & kids luck and support, you can donate to this run by clicking here.

To join Colette, Colby, Janelle and the rest of team Love4Gambia at the Blue Nose, click here.  You will commit to raise $50 for NSGA.  Our commitment is that you’ll have an awesome day like Colette, Colby and Janelle.

Up next, Ottawa Team Love4Gambia’s Tineke VanderBaaren. Stay tuned!

Are you a Team Love4Gambia runner/walker who wants to be profiled?  Please get in touch with me!

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