Currie runs for Chocolate and for Kids in the Gambia

The Chocolate Race in St. Catharines, Ontario is nearly upon us!  With chocolate aid stations along the way and a chocolate fest in the finish area, who wouldn`t want to be part of this amazing event?  But even with all the fun and self-indulgence we’ll experience at this event in Canada’s scenic Niagara region, there are those who will make their run count to help others.  Meet Currie Reid, one of our Chocolate Racers, who will toe the start line in St. Catharines on April 29th for Team Love4Gambia.  Want to join Currie and the rest of our team?  Please contact us to sign up!

Currie at Disney Half Marathon

CR:  I’d probably been running on-and-off for more than twenty years, but
I’d always seen it as a means to an end: the end I suppose being to
keep in shape.  I’d developed this habit as a member of the Armed
Forces.  But during that period I’d always had a lot of knee and hip
problems with my running.  It would seem like I’d just get over some
nagging pain long enough to run, only to be sidelined again by some
injury or another.  I had finally given up hope of ever developing as
a runner a few years ago.  But last spring, I came across the book,
“Born to Run”, by Christopher McDougall.  Not only did it change the
way I ran, but my attitude while running.  So much has changed with
regards to my running that I really now consider myself a new runner
with just over a year’s experience.

AM:  Why do you like to run?

CR:  Running really affords me the opportunity to be outside and enjoy my
surroundings; to concentrate on the moment at hand and clear my head
of anything outside the scope of what I’m doing at that exact moment.
I’d say it borders on meditative.  I really try to be mindful of my
breathing, pace and form.  With that much to concentrate on, any
troubles seem to disappear.

AM: Do you only run for chocolate?

CR:  Nope, I will also run for beer, wine, and cheese 🙂

AM:  What’s your favourite part about running?

CR:  I really like the fact that I can do it anywhere.  Even on a business
trip, I can throw on a pair of running shoes and hit the road.  It’s a
great way to explore your surroundings and meet people.

AM:  What’s the most difficult part about training?

CR: Finding the time to train is sometimes a challenge, particularly
during the Stanley Cup Playoffs 🙂  But I find that if I haven’t been
able to run for a couple of days, I get a little anxious.  My body
reminds me when it’s been too long between runs.

AM:  What motivates you to run for Team Love4Gambia?

CR: We have been blessed with good fortune in this part of the world, and
that makes me want to contribute in some way in thanks for all the
opportunities my family and I have been afforded.

AM:  What’s been your favourite race so far?

I really enjoyed Disney’s Wine and Dine Half-Marathon.  Running in the
warm Florida evening through the theme parks after hours was
fantastic!  It wasn’t too hot; there was a nice breeze moving through
the pine and palm trees. The race finished at Epcot Center, and, of
course, they had beer, wine and cheese at the end of it all.

AM:  Which race is on your bucket list?

CR:  I’d love to run the Big Sur Marathon someday – the views look fantastic.

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