Welcome Jennifer & Love4Gambia 2013!

By Pa Modou Sarr, Kanifing, The Gambia* with Jennifer Pasiciel, Halifax, NS

(*internet connection in The Gambia was too weak to power wordpress so this blog was published by Erin)

Pa Modou Sarr from NSGA Gambia here. Having run two Love4Gambia runs across The gambia, one with Erin Poirier and one with Andrea Moritz, I am most pleased formally introduce our runner for the 2013 Love4Gambia run: Jennifer Pasiciel!

As we converge at the NSGA Gambia office here in Kanifing to discuss the past two years’ runs, the team in The Gambia, myself (Pa Modou), Kebba Suso and Dodou Bah are excited to go for another life saving run across the country.  We’ve been introduced to Jennifer by our original coach Erin via Skype. We enjoyed every moment of the discussion with our two runners  in Canada and we are just so excited to pick our new runner from the airport in June. Jennifer, we just cannot wait!

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Here is Jennifer!

Let me tell you a little bit about Jennifer.  She began running on the high school cross country team at the age of 12 and has developed an active lifestyle of hiking, running, and tree-planting since then. Over the past decade she has completed six marathons, hiked Kilimanjaro two times, and planted over half a million trees in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. She is also the race director of Run Without Borders, a non-profit, charity running race organized in Calgary, Edmonton, and Halifax.

Jennifer’s interest and passion for Africa began with a few courses in African Studies, followed by two trips to Eastern Africa- one to travel and volunteer in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda, and another to conduct research on malarial diagnostic tests in rural Tanzania. It was here that she developed an interest in health promotion, education, and prevention at the global level. Jennifer is currently completing her Masters degree in health promotion at Dalhousie University, doing research on rural women’s health and the social determinants of health.

With this, we (The Gambian team) are urging everyone to support Jennifer and the team here to save and change the lives of young people through NSGA’s Peer Health Education program in The Gambia. The team is eager to keep the world updated about the run in June and that we hope to run with each of you in spirit.

Keep your donations ready to support a worthy course!

Banjul calling and welcome Jennifer!!!

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  1. Laura Callaghan says:

    Yay Jennifer! You will have at least one fan in Newfoundland cheering you on!

  2. ashleysharpe says:

    And a fan in DRC!!!!!! Go Team Love4Gambia 2013!!!!!

  3. love4gambiajenn says:

    Thanks to both of you!

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