A Couple of Reasons to Run Across The Gambia

I hope this post finds you enjoying the holiday break with your loved ones.  I am excited for all of the extra time to hike, run, eat, sew, camp, bake etc. etc. etc.

But now, onto the main topic of this blog.  I was advised to start out with a post about why I have decided to run across approximately 430km across The Gambia in 2013.  I am new to the world of online blogging, so I have decided to start with that.  So without further ado, I have compiled a short list of some of the main reasons I have decided to run across The Gambia in support of the Love4Gambia campaign and the Nova Scotia Gambia Association (NSGA):

  • I love running.  I’m not too fast, so I prefer the long distance running.  It’s mymeditation, my exercise, my favourite method of sight-seeing, my thinking time, and my dog tiring-out activity.  As such, I tend to enjoy any activity that involves running.

    Running the Denver Rock and Roll Marathon in 2010

    Running the Denver Rock and Roll Marathon in 2010

  • Travel to Africa – I don’t feel that any further explanation is needed in regards to this reason.
  • It forces me to maintain a regular training program from here on in, no excuses.
  • I get to work with an amazing team of Canadians and Gambians all working towards a common goal.
  • Last and most important: It is for a good cause.  I am a strong believer in health promotion and prevention.  It makes so much more sense to keep people healthy rather than deal with painful and expensive health problems after they occur.  This is the approach the NSGA takes with its health education programs throughout The Gambia, and I am more than happy to run for such an important and necessary cause.

Those are a few (among many) of the reasons I will be putting in the time and effort to raise money and awareness about the NSGA and it’s health education programs in The Gambia by running across the country.  Please support me in this endeavor by donating to the Love4Gambia campaign.  You can donate online at www.love4gambia.com or by sending a cheque (memo: Love4gambia) to the NSGA office in Halifax (1574 Argyle St. Suite 17; Halifax, N.S. B3J 2B3).  You can also follow my training and progress towards this amazing run by subscribing to this blog, following me on twitter (@love4GambiaJenn), or by liking our Facebook page (Love4Gambia).

Thanks for the read and Happy Holidays to everyone!


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