Training Plan: Run… a lot!

When I talk to people about the Love4Gambia run across The Gambia, one of the most common questions I get is, “How are you going to train for that?”  For the most part I just reply, “Run…a lot,” and in return I get questionable nods and smiles.  While the plan for training does include a lot of running, I thought I’d share a bit more about how I am planning to train for this 424km run.

Step 1: Get a coach and training group.  Check.

Step 2: Make a long-term training plan.  Check.  See below, which is my interpretation of what Cliff tried to explain to me:

Cycle 1 Dec. 17, 2012 – Feb. 10, 2013 BUILD-UP Start running consistently, approximately 5-6 times a week.  Add in a distance workout once per week.  This phase ends with the hypothermic half marathon.
Cycle 2 Feb. 11 – Mar. 22, 2013 INCREASE MILEAGE During this phase I will work towards increasing my weekly mileage.  I plan to increase by about 5-7% per week with a recovery of minus 5-7% every third week.
Cycle 3 Mar. 23 – May 18, 2013 INCREASE INTENSITY This phase will consist of increased speed, strength, and endurance.  I will already have the distance under my belt but will work towards becoming a quicker and stronger runner in this phase.  This phase ends with the Bluenose full marathon.
Cycle 4 May 19, June 13, 2013 TAPER The last cycle consists simply of maintaining the endurance and strength that I have built up over the past three cycles.  The purpose of such a long taper is to build up energy reserves so I am aching to get running by the time I arrive in The Gambia.

Step 3: Do the training plan! Now the fun, challenging, and most important part: follow through with the training plan, enjoy every step, and raise as much money and awareness about the great organization: Nova Scotia Gambia Association!

So that is the plan as best as I can explain it for now.  Looking forward to it, and maybe someday I’ll be as fast as this guy.

Happy New Year to you all!

Jennifer (and my running partner, Lucy-badger)

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3 Responses to Training Plan: Run… a lot!

  1. Oliver Woods says:

    Keep up the good work Jennifer! the NSGA board is behind you every step of the way!

  2. love4gambiajenn says:

    Thanks for the support! All of the positive energy coming from the NSGA makes it a lot easier to get out for those long runs during the Halifax winter:)

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