Hypothermic Half 2013 and Training Update

I quick blog update about running the hypothermic half marathon and my training to date:

Today was the hypothermic half fun run in Halifax.  (On account of the storm I was unable to run 1.6km loops around Dartmouth Crossing last week and opted for the less official run this week.)  That, however, was not the plan as of 7:30 am this morning.  I had a couple hard workouts this week and spent all of Saturday skiing at Wentworth.  When I woke up this morning, I was definitely feeling it and decided I would wait to do my long run in the afternoon.

At 8:00 I get a text from a friend who was running the half marathon for the first time: “you’re running this morning right?”.  Eeek!  I can’t just ditch her like that; better suck it up and just do it.  Fifteen minutes to cram in a pre-race routine that usually takes me a couple of hours.  No time for a slow coffee or properly digesting my usual pre-race peanut butter bagel.  Just throw in the contacts, get dressed (somewhat weather appropriate), chug some coffee and water, throw some stuff in a bag, lace-up and get there.

Made it just in time.  Luckily, I even got to sneak in a bathroom trip before it started, which I’m sure made for a much better overall experience…  The run was quite nice actually, even with the rain, ice, and puddles.  I spent the first 15km with my friend going at a nice long-run pace, keeping her motivated, and vice versa.  I pushed the last 6km ahead on my own.  It was nice to actually finish a race faster than I started for once.  Looks like the training is starting to kick in:)

Three x 21km complete.  Congrats to Jean and Julie (right and left) for finishing their first half marathons!

Three x 21km complete. Congrats to Jean and Julie (right and left) for finishing their first half marathons!

I found that the race today had an extremely supportive vibe.  It wasn’t an ideal race set-up, but everyone put in the work to do the 21km despite the weather and changes in schedule.  Runners make for a pretty neat group of people.  I also feel that todays run was excellent mental preparation for The Gambia.  If I can get up, and do a 21km run under not-ideal conditions right now, I know that when it comes time to do 25km each day across The Gambia I will be ready.  All of this training will make the experience fun and enjoyable, as opposed to a painful crawl across the country.  So excited to be doing this run for such a great cause!

As for my training, I am now entering into the second phase of the 24 week plan.  In this phase I will be increasing my long runs from 20-25km to 30-35km.  I will also be stepping up the amount of  short- and long- distance repeat workouts in order to build up speed and stamina.  Loving the training with Cliff’s runners right now and looking forward to pushing my way through many more workouts.  800 meter repeats are my running arch-nemesis and I might even venture to say they were a teensy-bit enjoyable last Thursday.  Though I’m sure I’ll regret saying that on the next 800m workout…

Much love and happy running!


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  1. Megan says:

    Way to go Jennifer! You are an inspiration!

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