Thanks for your support Mizuno!

I would like to write a quick blog thanking Mizuno for their running apparel donations in support of my run across The Gambia.  I received the package of brand new running clothes to practice and race in about a month ago.  Mizuno generously donated 8 light-weight running tops, 8 running leggings, and a hat to top it off.  It was a pretty exciting thing to get in the mail.

Typically, I would run in the free race t-shirts I have collected and various running clothes I could muster together from the thrift store.  I thought these fancy, light-weight materials for athletic gear were over-rated and did not really make that much of a difference on the running experience.

Ultra light, ultra bright for The Gambia.  Thanks Mizuno!

Ultra light, ultra bright for The Gambia. Thanks Mizuno!

However, after running for a month or so now in my fancy new gear, I realized I may have been wrong.  The light-weight, sweat-wicking material on all of the clothes is fantastic.  It will be awesome while running in 35 degree weather, and will weigh and chafe significantly less while sweating up a storm for my run.  Thanks again to Mizuno for their support of my run and the NSGA’s peer health education programs in The Gambia.  Part of running, is supporting those that are the fastest, and another part of running is supporting all of the good things that can come out of running.  I’m glad to wear the clothing of a company that supports both!

Please support me by donating to the cause and helping me to educate Gambian children on life-saving health skills.  Every donation counts and helps me to reach my goal of $15,000 for the NSGA.

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