Run Without Borders, Halifax 2013

Pre Race Warmup

Pre Race Warmup

The inaugural Run Without Borders, Halifax took place this past weekend in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax.  I am happy to announce that the event was a great success!  Approximately 125 people took part in the event, either as volunteers, runners, or walkers.  Despite the gloomy Halifax spring weather, everyone was in good spirits and seemed to enjoy the event.  Together, we raised $4,719 for two international health promotion organizations: Doctors Without Borders and the Nova Scotia Gambia Association.  This money will be split evenly between the two non-profits, meaning that each organization will receive $2,359.00 in donations.   Woohoo!

And they're off!

And they’re off!

All this from just 125 people!  I was blown away, once again, by the positive energy and spirit of the running, walking, and volunteering community.   A small donation by each person, in the form of a race registration payment, really added up, and this money will go a long way to save lives through both organizations.  It was a lot of hard work to organize such an event, but the excitement of race day definitely makes it all worth it.

I have organized this event for three years in Calgary, and a colleague of mine has organized the event two times in Edmonton.  Collectively, these races have included over 1300 participants and raised approximately raised $40k for international health organizations.  Although each Run Without Borders has been relatively small and low key, the fundraising numbers really do add up and can make a significant difference worldwide.  I’m looking forward to planning the second Run Without Borders, Halifax, and just maybe the weather will hold up next time.  Haha, that’s wishful thinking…

A quick shout out to some key people that helped make this event happen: Sydney and John from Running Room, Kelly, Caila, Michelle, Iwona, Pam, Steve, Jean, as well as all to all the race sponsors.  Thanks again to everyone that participated in this event!  Hope to see you out again next year!


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