Laura on Love4Gambia: A Runner Reborn

That’s right folks!  Just 12 days till we kick off the Bluenose Weekend, 2013.  Today, I am excited to introduce you to Laura Callaghan (LC) from Newfoundland who will be running her first race at the Bluenose May 19, 2013 with team Love4Gambia.

JP: How long have you been a runner?

LC: This is my first race! Many (many) years ago, I used to run track in school. Unfortunately, life and school really got in the way over the years. It has only been in the last two years that I have started running again. I am only now starting to consider myself a runner!

JP: How did you become involved with Team Love4Gambia?

LC: I became involved through my amazing sister, Erin Poirier. Most of you know her as the first runner for Team Love4Gambia. She is the reason I was introduced to the NSGA, as well as the reason I started running again.

JP: Why is it important to you to run for The Gambia as part of Team Love4Gambia?

LC: As a medical professional, I really appreciate the importance of many of the NSGA programs (clean water, sexual education, malaria education). In watching Erin start the Love4Gambia campaign, I have been able to witness what a huge effect one person can have. This has made me realize that I can help make a change. Although in the grand scheme of things, committing to raising $50 and running a race may seem like a small thing, if it makes a difference to even just one person then it was worth it.

JP: What’s been the easiest part of your training this cycle?

LC: Rest days!

runner winter training

Winter training in Port Aux Basques, NF

JP: What’s been the most challenging part of training?

LC: I can think of two. The first is that I am trying to train in Newfoundland, which must be one of the hilliest (is that a word?) places to train! Also, I was just away on vacation and it is very difficult to get runs in when you are away.

JP: What is your favorite part of running?

LC: The beautiful scenery. That is what makes training in Newfoundland possible! There are running trails to be found everywhere: around lakes, in the forest, along the coast.

JP: Where is the most unusual place you’ve run?

LC: On a cruise ship on the Mediterranean Sea. My friend and I were going to run around the little track they had, but it might have been 200m long so we would have been pretty dizzy by the end. We decided instead to use the treadmill, which has its own challenges when the boat lurches!

JP: How do you keep motivated?

LC: I keep reminding myself of why I am doing this. Also, I am pretty competitive, so when I get super tired I tell myself that if my sister can run across a country, I can finish my run!

JP: What are you most looking forward to on race day?

LC: Not only is this my first race, but both my sisters will also be out running the half marathon. How cool is that?

JP: What advice would you give to other runners to assist them in their training for the Blue Nose Marathon?

LC: Just do it! And get a running partner. It is so much easier when you are training with someone else. It gives you just enough push to get through the tough runs.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions Laura, and all the best to your first race at the Bluenose!  I’m sure you’ll be great!

Click here to support Laura’s run for Gambia.

To sign up for the Bluenose and/or join the Love4Gambia charity challenge team, please click here.

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