Is Banjul Calling YOU!?

Canadian running with African school kids

Love4Gambia 2013

Are you watching this year’s Love4Gambia run unfold thinking “wow, this is amazing, I’d like to do that too?” Because if so, you’re in luck! NSGA will be proud to have runner(s) travel to The Gambia for Love4Gambia version 4.0 in the summer of 2014.

We look for runners who have a lengthy running background that includes successful completion of, at minimum, one marathon training cycle and race. The road to Banjul is 427km long and we need to ensure that a runner can make it.

Jenn, Spider and Kebba, 2013

Jenn, Spider and Kebba, 2013

Our official call for runners will occur in September, 2013. Dates will be finalized when our runner(s) are confirmed but must be scheduled around Ramadan.

Although we have recruited one runner per year for the past two years, we could accommodate more than one runner provided that multiple runners are a good fit for each other.

This run and the money raised by it support the health, education and human rights activities of NSGA in The Gambia. A runner will be asked to raise $5000 for NSGA along with money to cover their travel expenses, food and water totaling approximately $3500.  Fundraised donations > $20 are eligible for tax receipts, including individual (excluding the runner) donations towards travel expenses.

The NSGA Gambia office will coordinate travel, lodging and meals.  The runner(s) will be joined by the Gambian team: Pa Modou Sarr, Kebba Suso and Dodou “Spider” Bah.

Runners can bring along support people, provided they cover their own travel expenses, food and water.

For more information, contact Love4Gambia founder Erin Poirier @

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