Love4Gambia 2015 – Are you ready?

Dear Running Community,
The NSGA is proud to release it’s official call for runners for Love4Gambia version 5.0 in the summer of 2015. We are looking for experienced runners to join Pa Modou, Spider and Yankuba on the epic 5th running of the 424km cross-country journey to the Atlantic Ocean in Banjul in either May/early June or late July/ August 2014 (scheduling around Ramadan – June 18 to July 17).

Our new runners will join the ranks of our previous 4 successful teams:

2011 – Erin Poirier & Ashley Sharpe

2012 – Andrea Moritz

2013 – Jennifer & Cielianna Pasiciel

2014 – Terry SanCartier

Who better to share why you should take advantage of this opportunity and run with it (pardon the pun), than these runners themselves:

“I can promise that running across an entire African country, with Pa Modou, Kebba and Spider at your side, will be the most glorious crowning achievement of your running career.” – Erin Poirier (Founder and 2011 runner)

“Love4Gambia was a fantastic experience that allowed me to merge my passion for running with that of exploring Africa with all of its beautiful people and landscapes. Pa Modou, Kebba and Spider are not just the best support crew any ultra runner could ask for, but they will also be your guides for all things Gambian.” – Andrea Moritz

“When I think about the great Love4Gambia 2013 run, I can’t help but smile to myself as a flood of happy memories returns to me. The run was a physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual experience on all levels.” – Jennifer Pasiciel

“What an incredible journey! I will forever remember this adventure and look back on it with fond memories.  The amazing team comprised of Pa, Yankuba and Spider, quickly became “my brothers from different mothers”!” – Terry SanCartier

If you are passionate about running and interested in changing the lives of young Gambians, then the Love4Gambia run is for you!

Please email us here to submit your interest and/or ask questions:

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