My Love4Gambia Training

I thought I was invincible. If I can do an Ironman, I can do anything right? …hum not quite! Training for Love4Gambia is not exactly what I expected. It’s actually a little bit tougher than I thought. Ok, it’s way tougher than I thought!! But I like it! I’m always up for a challenge! As the quote says, “Pain is temporary, but pride is forever!”


Beautiful, but very hilly run during our family trip in Tuscany in July

For the first time in 4 years, I decided not to hire a coach or follow a training program. Since I wasn’t racing this summer, I thought it would be nice to be able to have the flexibility to train whenever I wanted to, however I wanted to, with whoever I wanted to. I am very satisfied with this decision. This summer has been awesome so far. I am able to train a lot, but I also got my social life back which I had put aside for the past few years. My life is more balanced now and I must admit, I’m a happier person!

I’ve never train for just one sport before, so I wasn’t too sure how to organise my running schedule. Erin Poirier (the founder of the Love4Gambia run) gave me one advice at the annual Nova Scotia Gambia Association dinner last June: “Just run, run a lot and stay healthy.” Well that’s what I’ve been doing since June. I’ve never ran that many km’s in such a short period of time. In June, I ran just over 400km, in July just under 450km and I’m planning to run at least 500km during the month of August! Now that it’s officially published, I have to do it!

My training varies every week. But here is one of my favourite weekly plan:

Monday: Recovery day (maybe some hot yoga)


My parents, sister and I at the Champlain Lookout, in the Gatineau Park.

Tuesday: Swim + weights + track/speed workout with Zone3Sports

Wednesday: 10-15km easy run along the canal + hot yoga

Thursday: Swim + weights + 25km run (on the bike paths around Ottawa)

Friday: 20-25km trail run in the Gatineau park + hot yoga

Saturday: Social bike ride

Sunday: 25-30km run (on the bike paths around Ottawa)


Trail running in the Gatineau Park….my new little paradise!

Basically I’ve just been increasing my running mileage by a lot and I continue to do some other cross training sports that I enjoy (swimming, yoga, gym and a little bit of cycling!). The big challenge for me is all those 20-25km long runs! During my triathlon training I was only doing one long run a week, now I’m running 4 or 5 of those! My favourite thing about this is that I’ve discovered plenty of new paths around Ottawa and trails in the Gatineau Park. The tough part is my body adapting to the mileage. I didn’t think that running could be that hard on my legs. I’ve been a pretty lucky athlete in the past and never had a major injury. I must admit that I try my best to take care of my body. My post-training best friends are my foam roller, therapy balls and a Louis Garneau chocolate recovery shake! I also have weekly ‘dates’ with my chiropractors and massotherapists! Huge thanks to the staff at Alta Vista Chiropractic Clinic and the Holistic Clinic. I really wish I could take you guys to Gambia with me!

Less than one month and a half before I take on the challenge of running 425km across The Gambia! I’m getting really excited as my departure date quickly approaches! I have an incredible support crew waiting for me in The Gambia whom I’m so stoked to meet! Thank you to all of you that have supported me in my campaign. For those who still want to donate, it’s never too late:

Now off to Hearst for some running and relaxing time at home! 🙂



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  1. Nyakassi Jarju says:

    Congratulations. The Gambia awaits you and you will like it. You will be welcome and always welcome.

  2. Nicole Chrétien-Proulx says:

    Wow! Tu m’impressionnes Juliane! Ça prend de la persévérance!

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