My Training Equipment

Here’s a little sneak peek of my favourite running gear:

Nathan-Zeal-Vest-e1376007320836Nathan hydration running backpack: I fell in love with the style of this backpack a few months ago at Bushtukah (my favourite place to shop in Ottawa!). I have never ran with a hydration vest before (I was using a FuelBelt), but I thought it could be a good idea for my Love4Gambia training and for the run itself; I like to be self-sufficient during my long runs. Well, I must say I was pleased right after my first run! I never thought that carrying 2L of water could be so comfortable! The front pockets are also very useful, making it easy to access my gels, IPod, kleenex etc. I’m hooked. I wear it almost for every run now!

IMG_5473Merrell running shoes: I’ve been running with Merrell running shoes for 2 years now and my feet and legs have been very happy so far! Merrell offers a great variety of colourful minimalist shoes for trail and road running. My favourites are the
AllOut Flash and the Bare Acess Ultra.

Compressport calf sleeves and socks: With all the mileage I’ve been running these last months, I’ve developed tightness in my calves and Achilles tendons. Wearing my compression sleeves during my long runs help stabilise my muscles and provide support for my chins and calves. I think they also look good too! 😉

Shorts and tops: My shorts need an integral liner built in, making it way more comfy. They also need to have at least one little pocket (for the house key!). My fav are my black ‘Super Squad Lululemon Short’. My running tops have to be loose-fitting, made with a light and breathable fabric.

IMG_5378Visor and sunglasses: I almost always wear a visor/cap and sunglasses when I run; to protect my eyes and face from the sun or the rain.

IPod: I listen to music often, especially during those 25-30km runs. My iPod is packed with EDM podcasts. My favourites are Group Therapy (Above & Beyond), Tritonia (Tritonial), ClubLife (Tiesto) and Find Your Harmony (Andrew Rayel). Music not only pumps me up like crazy, but ‘studies have shown that external stimuli, such as music, can block out some of your fatigue and spur you to longer distances and faster miles, reducing your perception of you body’s limits’ (Runner’s World). There you go! 🙂

lgNutrition: I’ve been fuelling on Louis Garneau gels and Xtact Nutrition fruit bars this year. I love the flavours of the LG gels (strawberry/dragonfruit and blueberry/goji are my favourites!). The Xtact fruit bars are easy to eat and digest while running, and they taste just like candy! 😛 During a 25km run I’ll usually have 1 bar and 2 gels (eating every 30min).

Foam roller and yoga balls: After each run, I make sure to stretch properly. I will also use my foam roller on my IT bands, quads and calves. The yoga balls are great to release foot pain or any tight muscle (back, glutes, hamstrings). Finally, a nice cold LG chocolate recovery drink will put me back on track! 🙂


Only 2 more weeks before my departure! OMG! 😀


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