#Love4Gambia – March 6 Update

#Love4Gambia – March 6 Update

 We loaded up the van with bikes and luggage, left Basse for the last time and headed for Bansang, our most westerly point so far. Our thighs complained a bit on this third day of cycling but we got underway at a gentler pace. Fortunately, we only had 40 km to cover today and we were able to cover our distance by 10am. By then it was already steaming. Highlight of the bike trip: a troop of 50 baboons galloped across the highway on either side of our van. They are smaller than their East African cousins and a little more timid; they avoided us and the vehicle.

We backtracked to MacCarthy Island, famous for its slave museum. More on that tomorrow, our rest day.

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