#Love4Gambia – March 8 Update

#Love4Gambia – March 8 Update

The group had breakfast at 5am, prepared by the very nice and flexible staff of the Annex Lodge in Jajanbureh. Joanne was in no shape to ride. She and I went back to bed while Sana, our driver, took Luke, Pa Moudu and Mario to our starting point about 35 minutes away. Sana then returned to get us at 8am and we rejoined the group by 9:30. Joanne was feeling better and wanted to ride. We agreed that if she could keep down 2 pieces of plain bread and a full bottle of water plus electrolytes, she could ride for the rest of the day’s 50km journey. She did so and took off on her bike. Quick recovery!  Given the rapid onset and resolution, she likely had food poisoning.

That afternoon, we drove to our resting place for the next three days, Tendeba Camp on the gentle River Gambia. The new cottages, where we stayed, were lovely and the Camp has the first swimming pool! After lunch of freshly caught whitefish, we struggled through 44 degree air to reach the respite of the 30 degree pool water. That evening we went into town to access the internet and have supper. Next door, half of the population of Soma (at least they cheered like they were half!) was watching the Barcelona-Paris Ste. Germaine football match and cheered when Barcelona won. I managed to upload 90 photographs before the internet slowed to a crawl, about the same time the match was over. I suspect that people switched from TV to social media! Back to camp and to bed.


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