#Love4Gambia – March 9 Update

#Love4Gambia – March 9 Update

We decided to start even earlier to avoid the heat. The Tendeba Camp manager, Modou, very kindly got up to make sure we could have omelets, bread, tea and coffee at 5am. By 5:45am, under a dark pre-dawn sky, we took off, aided by two headlamps and the high beams of the Nissan van. We rode like crazy over the first hour and covered 18 km. This was the first time I actually felt a cooling breeze on my chest. After that we rode, stopped, talked to students on their way to school, handed out Canadian flag pins and took photographs. Pa Modou video-interviewed us while we were riding (to be uploaded once we have decent bandwidth) and we covered our 50km by 9:30am! We went to Pa Modou’s family home in Soma and were served perhaps the most delicious chicken I have ever had. Pa Modou’s sister, Ndey Amie, stuffed chicken quarters with greens and spices, covered the chicken with bread crumbs, then deep fried them. Scrumptious!! One of the advantages of riding 50km/day in the heat is one can indulge in deep fried foods guilt free and with impunity (or so I hope!). Luke and Pa Modou gave a football & T-shirts to the neighbourhood kids and had a game of pick-up football. Luke and I also bravely endured a haircut executed by a teenager wielding a razor blade. Turned out okay and we retained all ears.

We then went back to Tendeba Lodge to endure the heat until sunset. 46 degrees! So far, the afternoons are the most difficult part of this journey. It’s hard to believe so many people around the world have to endure afternoon temperatures above 40 degrees for most the year.

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