#Love4Gambia – March 10 Update

#Love4Gambia – March 10 Update

Up at 4:30, quick shower by the light of a smartphone then to a delicious breakfast of fried eggs and pita bread. I finally found a use for chocolate bars that melted and hardened several times on this trip: add to Java Blend drip coffee plus hot milk. Delicious! We drove out the gate @ 5:45am and are heading to our last stopping point to start today’s 50km trek. We’ve got a daily rhythm now. We are greeted only by goats and a few sleepy policemen at the regular checkpoints. Gorgeous night with an almost full moon.


A personal best! 61 km in 3’ 45”. I felt I could keep going but the team made me stop. Still, I could barely keep up with Luke who did the same distance on his bionic runner. He did his last 5 km in 13’ 01”, a personal best in 30 degree heat (his personal best is 12’30”). Joanne did 54 km and could have kept going. As always, Mario kept us safe by making sure we didn’t over-exert ourselves or wander all over the road. We are now going back to the camp to face the afternoon sun. Should be a breeze though compared to yesterday; temp is only going up to 41. Good thing I brought a sweater!

– John

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