#Love4Gambia – March 12 Update

#Love4Gambia – March 12 Update

A full moon lit the 4:30am sky; the still air was refreshingly cool. We had breakfast by the light of several smartphones; they could not start the generator so no lights, no fans. Thank goodness for smartphone flashlights. Because we had to pack in the dark we were delayed. Still we were cycling by 6:35am. The sky was dark with the full moon ahead and the gleaming behind. We again had a lovely ride on the cool dark tarmac and watched the sky lighten over the next hour. The moon did not set; it gradually disappeared into the haze above the horizon as the sun emerged from the eastern haze.


Luke pushed us hard, doing 5km laps very 15 minutes with a short water break. I kept up for 40 km and decided to slow down and enjoy the last 10 km greeting people and looking at the scenery. We saw novel businesses including the hair salon “Million of Stars; Home of Beauty” and the barber shop “Jack’s Barbing Saloon”. Canadian businesses should be this imaginative! We then piled into the vehicle and drove past the technology campus of University of the Gambia and soon found ourselves in 3G bliss!

On our way to our new hotel; looking forward to a swim and a nap.

Joanne and I swam in the ocean! Gambia has some of the loveliest beaches in the world! Miles of soft sand and beautiful waves. That evening we reunited with old friends from our first trip in 2012 while Pa and Luke went to vist Pa’s old friend, Pandy, who will be taking some photos and video of our last day. More on that tomorrow.

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