#Love4Gambia – March 15 Update – Last Day!

#Love4Gambia – March 15 Update – Last Day in The Gambia!

We leave tired, happy and sad. We’re also not particularly looking forward to the extended winter that awaits us in Halifax. Luke and Pa Modou are off to visit schools that they have provided with football (soccer) gear, which was given on the condition that the girls could use it too. We spent some time buying crafts that will be sold at the NSGA annual dinner.

It has been an amazing experience and I hope fun for all of you that are following this blog.  We are about halfway to reaching our goal of replacing our old van which, after Luke got his hands on it, looked like this! It’s back to the bionic runner for him!

So please help us reach our goal of $40,000 so we can transport our peer health educators and drama troupe members for the next 20 years. Check out our donation page here – we will be fundraising until March 31 so there is still time to contribute!

Best wishes, John LeBlanc, Joanne Langley and Luke MacDonald

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