Love4Gambia 2015 Runner
Juliane Lacroix, Ottawa, ON
Mobile: 613-402-4404

Love4Gambia 2014 Runner
Terry SanCartier, Ottawa, ON

Love4Gambia 2013 Runner
Jennifer Pasiciel, Halifax, NS
Mobile: 902-818-8781

Love4Gambia 2012 Runner
Andrea Moritz, Ottawa, ON
Mobile: 613-868-0265

Love4Gambia Founder & Coordinator

Erin Poirier, Halifax, NS
Mobile: 902-495-0131

Nova Scotia Gambia Association
1574 Argyle Street, Suite 17
Halifax, NS, B3J 2B3

Office: 902-423-1360


7 Responses to Contact

  1. George Clark says:

    HI Erin

    I just read the story in yesterday’s Herald.
    What a great run you are doing to raise money and awareness for your love for Gambia

    It was funny reading thru some of your blog this morning about Boston and this coach named Cliff. When I ran Boston in ’04, there was a friend of mine who qualified in the Valley(’03) as well and here attitude doing Boston was just to have fun. For me, it was one of those runs you’d hate to relive, when you’re running in 80* heat or was in 90*, but looking back on it, I still smile and say I completed Boston ! Yes I did train with Cliff as well up until the end of ’05.

    All the best with your run(s) in Gambia !


  2. Happy Birthday Erin just heard about your run and your 31st birthday on CTV Halifax now. Congratulations and all the best to you and All Your Team. I taught in Ghana during the summer of 1979 and loved the Ghanians like you love the Gambians. God Bless You and Everyone Abundantly! Dolores

  3. Shelley Radford says:

    Hi Erin! I have been reading your blog and as usual am so amazed at what you have taken on! I just wanted you to know I am sending good thoughts and energy your way!! What an inspiration.
    All the best as you continue your journey to its completion. I will be reading along for sure!

  4. Debby Poirier says:

    Hi Erin and team. I know I haven’t been commenting but I have been following your every daily posting. You know I’m not great on the internet. What you are all doing is amazing. Congratulations to all of you, almost at the finish line. Hopefully someday we might get to meet other members of this team. I agree Surekunda is not the greatest place for a rest.
    Good luck, Gilles

  5. Dan says:

    I just heard the story on CBC radio 1. I cried like a baby, not the old man that I am.

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