Love4Gambia Support Team

The Gambia-based Love4Gambia Team consists of Pa Modou Sarr, Kebba Suso and Dodou “Spiderman” Bah.

Gambian athlete Pa Modou Sarr

Pa Modou

Pa Modou Sarr is a footballer, a runner, a media man and a lover of Akon.

Momodou M. Sarr, aka Pa Modou, is 29 years old. His parents were teachers and he went to several different primary schools as his parents transferred schools.  He graduated from Essau Senior School on the north bank of the Gambian River, just past the ferry port town of Barra, in the Lower Niumi District. He studied computer studies (IT, certificate and diploma) and also holds a certificate in journalism.  Pa Modou is a trained media personnel in radio, audio and video production.

He has worked with the NSGA in The Gambia since 2003 holding many positions from drama trouper, associate coordinator to assistant coordinator, trainer and media assistant.

In July, 2011, Pa Modou ran more than a quarter of the way across The Gambia with Team Love4Gambia.  Read about Pa Modou’s invaluable contribution to Team Love4Gambia 2011 here.

Gambian runner Kebba Suso

Kebba and his boys

Kebba Suso was born on March 25, 1966 in town call Bwiam in the western region of The Gambia. He went to school from 1976 to 1986 in this same town.  He is a talented runner, a father, a brother, a husband, a spiritual man, and a driver and a fixer for the Nova Scotia-Gambia Association.  To his friends and family, Kebba is known as “Egwe.”  The “king” in a Nigerian dialect.

Kebba and his wife Jai are blessed with three sons. His eldest, Lamin is 15 year old.  Saikouba, the middle boy is 13 years old and the youngest, Sheikh is 11 years old.  The kids are talented runners too and joined Love4Gambai 2011 for 14km, 11km and 5.5km respectively. Kebba and Jai live in Brikama, 30 km from the NSGA office. All 3 boys attend school in Bwiam where they stay with Kebba’s mother.  The boys come home to Brikama every weekend and for holiday.

Kebba has been running since he was a young man.  He finished his first 10km race barefoot after the soles of his (inadequate) shoes melted.  Kebba ran 250km next to Erin during Love4Gambia, 2011.  Read more about Kebba’s amazing contribution to Love4Gambia 2011 here.

Gambian athlete and runner Dodou Bah


Dodou “Spiderman” Bah is a 30 year runner who first hooked up with Erin Poirier on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Fajara during the summer of 2007.  Spider is from Sintet Fula Kunda in Foni. Spider is a proud Fula and loves sharing that his tribe are known as great teachers. Spider embodies this tribal strength everyday.

Spider is a life-long runner, swimmer and athlete. He has worked as a trainer for recruits in a security company; as a security guard and as a lifeguard. You can find him guarding the rocky shores of Fajara Beach at Leybato.

Read more about his contribution to Team Love4Gambia 2011 here.

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