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Why YOU should run Love4Gambia 2014

By Erin Poirier, Ashley Sharpe, Andrea Moritz, Jennifer Pasiciel and Cielianna Pasiciel Dear Running Community, The NSGA is proud to release it’s official call for runners for Love4Gambia version 4.0 in the summer of 2014. We are looking for experienced runners … Continue reading

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Blog from PA MODOU, the jokester, media man, and runner of love4gambia 2013

Day 10 “Is that the runner talking outside?” I asked Kebba opening my one eye and stretching up “yes she is the very one” Kebba replied.. wow!! I said to myself as I hear Jen and Mama Cie giggle. Outside. … Continue reading

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Is Banjul Calling YOU!?

Are you watching this year’s Love4Gambia run unfold thinking “wow, this is amazing, I’d like to do that too?” Because if so, you’re in luck! NSGA will be proud to have runner(s) travel to The Gambia for Love4Gambia version 4.0 … Continue reading

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Day #1: First Day Down, 16 More to Go!

What a great day! We have completed the first 26km of our journey across The Gambia! It was not as hard as I expected and not as easy as I expected, with some kilometers that went by quickly and some … Continue reading

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Welcome Jennifer & Love4Gambia 2013!

By Pa Modou Sarr, Kanifing, The Gambia* with Jennifer Pasiciel, Halifax, NS (*internet connection in The Gambia was too weak to power wordpress so this blog was published by Erin) Pa Modou Sarr from NSGA Gambia here. Having run two … Continue reading

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Love4Gambia 2013

Banjul Calling… YOU! Do you dream about running in Africa? This is your chance! The Nova Scotia-Gambia Association (NSGA) is looking for experienced marathon runners to travel to The Gambia in the summer of 2013 to complete the 424km Love4Gambia … Continue reading

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Day 11 July 5 – Made it through a big week!

Eager to finish today’s run and get to our rest day, we left the river camp early and said good-bye to Rasta man who ran the camp.  The morning was fresh after last night’s rain.  We drove the 5 kilometers … Continue reading

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Day 10 July 4 – Pounding sand

The first two miles today were full of starts and stops.  Just a few hundred meters into the run, I realized I hadn’t put sunscreen on, so we waved Pa Modou and Spider over and I protected my toubab skin.  A kilometre … Continue reading

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Days 6 and 7 – June 30 and July 1 – The journey continues…

After the late night of our naming ceremony on the evening of my first rest day, the alarm sounded early.  I got up, packed my things, cleaned and disinfected my toes and knee and then we drove back to the … Continue reading

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Day 4 June 28 – Over 100 kilometers done!

We once again rose early to beat the heat.  There had been more rain during the night, so the morning felt relatively cool, albeit not in my room, where there was no power and thus no fan.  I got dressed, … Continue reading

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