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Training Plan: Run… a lot!

When I talk to people about the Love4Gambia run across The Gambia, one of the most common questions I get is, “How are you going to train for that?”  For the most part I just reply, “Run…a lot,” and in … Continue reading

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A Couple of Reasons to Run Across The Gambia

I hope this post finds you enjoying the holiday break with your loved ones.  I am excited for all of the extra time to hike, run, eat, sew, camp, bake etc. etc. etc. But now, onto the main topic of … Continue reading

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Love4Gambia 2013

Banjul Calling… YOU! Do you dream about running in Africa? This is your chance! The Nova Scotia-Gambia Association (NSGA) is looking for experienced marathon runners to travel to The Gambia in the summer of 2013 to complete the 424km Love4Gambia … Continue reading

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Day 1 June 25 – Let the running begin!

After my day relaxing at the beach, we left the Atlantic Ocean behind for now and got on the long road to Basse.  It was a long drive and with several stops for errands and a lunch eaten sitting at … Continue reading

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Oh, what’s a girl to wear? Gear list for a running expedition…

Hard to believe that less than six weeks remain before my departure for the Gambia! Now that the training is well in hand, fundraising events are organized and rolling out, and airline tickets are booked, I have started turning my … Continue reading

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How do I love thee – a tribute to running

If you are a runner, especially an utra runner, you have probably heard this before:  “I don’t know how you do it.  If I try to run for more than 20 minutes, I get soooo bored.”  Or how about this … Continue reading

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Active Commuting

The commute has long been the bane of the suburbanite`s existence.  Time spent stuck in traffic on the way to and from work can test anyone`s patience.  Especially this time of the year, when we see the first snow fly, … Continue reading

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Love4Gambia 2012 – The Sequel

On an early November morning, I was having breakfast and browsing Facebook – a part of my typical morning routine before heading to work at my Ottawa government office.   Little did I know that this was not to be a … Continue reading

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How to be Strong

This week, a friend named Wendy invited me to speak with a group of first-time marathoners that she coaches.  I decided that I would talk about what helped me manage running 25km for 17 days in Africa: how I stayed … Continue reading

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Reintegration: Life after Love4Gambia

I’ve been home from Africa for almost 3 weeks now. Anyone with the good fortune to have spent time in Africa will agree with me when I write that it’s harder to come home than it is to go to … Continue reading

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